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A new custom way to ignore hits

As I'm developing Scribbles I wanted an easy way to ignore hits of logged in users, without having to do any trickery with adding an ignore via localStorage. The need for this came because a blog could have Tinylytics enabled, and if it was your blog, it would always register a hit — and like any good blogger you probably check your blog a lot. On top of this, the blog shows up on the main scribbles.page domain, for example a blog could be here: scribbles.page/updates. It doesn't have to be "updates" as such, but you catch my drift. However,...

Support for SPA apps

Last week I had an interested support request by Jack, who is running an Astro based site that basically is an SPA (Single Page App) app. Astro uses the "View Transition API" (whatever that is 😅) — however that caused some issues with the Tinylytics embed script. So behold, I made a special version of the script that handles SPA's much better. It's not perfect as it requires a bit of manual tweaking, but fear not. One thing to remember about the embed script is, is that it's dynamic — which means depending on what you want, for example kudos,...

New update blog

Forever it seems that I wanted an update blog for Tinylytics, going as far as creating an easy to manage changelog page. But nothing beats writing in a dedicated editor that's easy to use — so I built my own with Scribbles. I just can't help it! I love creating. My plan is to compliment the changelog with some longer articles to explain the features in a little bit more detail. I usually share "dev" stories on my own blog, but that's cumbersome to use and requires a little TLC — so now it's in one "official" place. Feel free...